SnipIT 1.0.1

Easy browser tool which allows the quick emailing ability of captured text

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    7.2 (10)

Add text to the emails that you send to contacts.

SnipIT is a program that is used to allow you to copy and paste text messages that can be attached to emails. All you have to do is paste the message that you want to send with the email. It's a program that is fairly simple to use and that doesn't take up a lot of space on the system. You can keep the icon on the desktop, but it will usually stay hidden on the tray so that it's not in the way unless you need to use the program.

The program works by installing into your browser. This makes it easy for the program to automatically detect when you're sending emails, keeping messages that you text back and forth with other people in its memory so that it will quickly bring them up to attach to emails. Another option with the program is that you can copy and paste text that you see on other sources online, such as in a social media message or information that is on a page that you're looking at while searching. As long as you can copy and paste the text, then it can be transferred to the email.

You'll find that this is a benefit if you send several emails at one time and need to get across the same information. You can easily highlight the text that you want to copy, click in the highlighted area, and the text will be cut out of the page. When you get to the email space, you will simply paste the information. You have to be logged into your email account to use the program.


  • Easily copies and attaches text
  • Works with various sites online


  • Doesn't work well with newer systems
  • Better with mobile systems

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